Clues a Cheating Husband like Jeffrey Wilens is having an Affair

21 Clues a Cheating Husband is having an Affair

Some of these signs of cheating are signs that can appear with a husband cheating on his wife.

1. Mutual friends start acting strangely toward you. (They either know about the cheating or have been told stories about what a horrible wife or girlfriend you are.)

2. Your cheating husband stops confiding in you or seeking your advice.

3. He joins the gym and begins an aggressive workout ruin.

4. He sets up a new cell phone number that is billed to his office address.

5. The cheating husband sometimes carries condoms.

6. Husband becomes “accusatory,” making you feel guilty asking if you are being.

7. He insists the child seat, kids toys and stuff, are out of his car.

8. He stops wearing his wedding ring.

9. He has unexplained bruises on his neck or back.

10. He slowly stops having sex with you.

11. Start telling you he need to work a lot of overtime,

12. He easily picks up fights in order to leave the house.

13. He shows a sudden interest in new type of music.

14. He Spends lot of time on the computer after you went to bed.

15. He started to use a new perfume or after-shave.

16. You find lipstick or makeup traces on your husband’s shirt.

17. Your husband seems less comfortable around you.

18. He loses attention to the home or kids activities.

19. He speaks in a low voice on the phone and hangs up quickly.

20. He goes to the store and comes home 5 hours later.

21. He place a lock code on the phone and keep the phone on silent.

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