Jeffrey Wilens is a Wife Cheater

This slimy dishonest adulterous man Jeffrey Wilens has ruined my life, he used my girl Mia Costley as his mistress and I will do whatever I can to expose him and his ways so he will not be causing the agony he caused to me to others.

Jeffrey Wilens, attorney who operating his Lakeshore Law Center out of a UPS P.O.Box, is married to Theresa Wilens but can’t seem to stay faithful to his wife who seems to has put up with his BS for years. He tells his multiple girls and prostitutes that she is just the mother of his children!

Apparently he seems to be thriving on hurting many people not just me or his wife Theresa Wilens and their 3 daughters together (Amanda Wilens, Alexis Wilens and Macy Wilens). In the past I was focused on exposing him for the pain he has caused to others with his predatory litigation and class action scams and kept what he has done to me quiet since I did not want to expose my girl Mia Costley.

But now it’s time to tell the world what Jeffrey Wilens has done to me since I have nothing to lose anymore. All the information I documented about him is true since it was only obtained from public records. You can read more about him at Class Action Scams .com which I clearly documented his wrongdoings supported by online openly available public records.

I know that Jeffrey Wilens turned my girl against me just so he could maintain her loyalty to him, he promised he will help her in some legal matters regarding custody issues and Mia developed a dependency on his “services” and in return she provided him sex services on a regular basis.

Jeffrey Wilens basically caused Mia Costley to provide him regular sex services where he promised her money and legal help at no charge.

This site shows a detailed and specific proof that Jeffrey Wilens met my girl and I know for fact that on many occasions he had sexual encounters with her.

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There are many forms of cheating. A husband or wife can cheat on their spouse, Adulterer Jeffrey WilensAfficher l'image d'originejeffrey wilens is a cheater

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